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Walking Your Mastery

What can happen in one year?
  • Well rounded program tailored specifically for you
  • 24 one-on-one mentorship sessions
  • Monthly membership community Full Moon live Zoom access
  • Access to an entire library of pre-recorded classes and meditations
  • Consistent accountability and support
  • Access to Rising Phoenix Alchemy Healing™️ Courses and Certifications
  • Amazing self-propelled transformation into the next level of YOU! 
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“I’d tried for decades to navigate various paths of mysticism, meditation, and monastic wisdoms, but much remained allusive. I stand now with sovereignty, able to create, manifest and meet life with my heart. I am living life now as it is meant to Be: orchestrated by me, engaged by me, and empowered by me—as I stand empowered by, in alignment with, and connected to, Source. As a profound way-shower, Aurora has helped me to embody the phrase: to thine own self be true.”

Jill S