If you’re seeking ways

to raise your vibration,

Kejiwa is for you!

Kejiwa is lovingly crafted for our fellow Lightworkers, Shamanic practitioners, Reiki Masters, Spiritual Healers and those on the journey home to Self.

Our activating elixirs are intended to enhance bodywork, meditation, breathwork, ceremonies, sound baths and any deep spiritual ritual you may practice for yourself or your clients.

Incorporating Kejiwa’s Alche-Mists, Ormus Minerals and Spagyrics into your daily practice or as part of Sacred Ceremony supports a strong connection back to your Soul’s true essence and a rich discovery of intuitive guidance through transformation at a cellular level.

We’ve created these bottled blessings with you in mind because we know the work you do here is vital to the future of our Planet and People. That is why we are conscientious in All our processes and insist on consistently producing the purest products with love, integrity and the highest quality ingredients available.

You inspire us to deepen into our presence and heart-centered focus. We trust you find inspiration in Kejiwa, as well.



Created  through both Science and  Spirit, these Heart-based Higher Dimensional tools are Healthful and Beneficial to the Environment, the Human, the Soul and beyond!

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