embracing your starseed nature




Do you feel a strong connection to the stars?
Do you often wonder where your soul has inhabited aside from Gaia (Earth)?
Do you find the density of the planet challenging to navigate?
Do you want to know more about the different constellations and your connections to the stars?

what if i know I am a starseed? 

We can dive deeper into the knowing of who you are: 
Who are the Star Seeds 
Why They are Here 
How to Feel Safe in Your Body 
How to Connect with Unity Consciousness 
Activate Codes of Health and Abundance 
Integration of Your Star Wisdom
galactic akashic reading

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your star origins and gifts?

While the Akashic Records often speak of past life experiences on the Earth plane, Aurora is able to see into the Galactic Records, connectting to various Councils, Star Nations and Galactic Leadership.

With a Galactic Akashic Reading, Aurora offers the unique opportunity to access information about your star origins and discover how special connections can play into your life experiences. With her gift of  channeling, you can explore and understand the challenges and special qualities that you possess.

In this 45 minute live Zoom session, you will receive informaiton that will  help you heal collective patterns and beliefs, as well as grow and nurture your intuitive and co-creative nature.

Now is the time to recognize and explore the gifts that are within you!

Star Mapping
Are you curious about why you feel so connected to certain constellations when gazing at the stars?  Do you feel like you are of the stars but not sure from where?  
As a Starseed and channel, Aurora is able to offer information around star origins and how these special connections play into life experiences, both challenges and also special qualities. Your gifts may still be developing as you acknowledge and nurture your intuitive and co-creative nature as a being of light!
In this emailed comprehensive report, Aurora will guide you through your primary constellations and how you can use this information to better know yourself and how to use your gifts, while also leaning in to the places within yourself that you have come to heal. 
Click below to order your personalized Star Map! 
Starseed Blueprint Activators ®

Are you ready to activate your Starseed Blueprint?

In the Starseed Blueprint, there are 144,000 different vortex points within the physical vessel, specifically within the DNA where the connections to our ascension/ expansion have been locked out of functioning.  We are meant to be connected to our innate gifts but may have had difficulty developing these aspects of expanded self.

Our Source-self recognizes and is activated by color, geometry, symbols and light language. And when these alchemies come together in a synergistic way, they trigger access to your vortex points allowing for Starseed Blueprint coding upgrades to take place. These Starseed Blueprint Activators® are channeled to be potent catalysts for your ascension path and multi-dimensional expansion.

Receive a channeled Activator made just for you and your highest growth in this now moment.  Each personalized Starseed Blueprint Activator® comes with a written reading as to what energies are showing up on your behalf and any messages that can assist you in your expansion and evolution. 

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