Quantum Manifesting


Exchange ~ $555 for Early Bird until June 1st.

Often times manifesting can get stuck in the realms of the ethers, and it can be difficult to understand how to ground what you desire into the present.

This 12-week group will meet every Saturday from June 11th to August 27th at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET.

We will go through a process that I have received on how to recognize what is being attracted to you now, and how you can fine-tune that magnetization point to align with your highest outcomes.

You are the source of all attraction. When you have the awareness of how to open your field to all possibilities, you will be able to see the access points by which your manifestations can rapidly show up in your life!

Join this journey where we will experience:

• Meeting your Angelic Guides and Earth Totems
• Activate and clear each of your 12 chakras
• Connect with your Akashik information
• Embody the feeling of value and abundance
• Receive two one-on-one sessions to access your abundance codes
• Join Your Soul Family on this 12 week adventure!

Space is limited to ONLY 13 Members for this group!
Exchange ~ $555 for Early Bird until June 1st.
$777 after June 1st.