chakra stargate activation Retreat

DECEMBER 1st – 6th, 2023


Calling all Starseeds, Wisdom Keepers, Energy Facilitators and Visionaries!

Búo and I have been talking about co-creating for years and have finally dropped in to bring you a magical and activating experience in the breathtaking portal of Tulum, Mexico! 

This immersive retreat experience will include:

  • All Inclusive Stay at Holistika – Tulum’s Premier Retreat Hotel
  • Spa & Single Room Options
  • Day Trips to Sacred Pyramids, Cenotes and More!
  • Ceremonies (Cacao & Despacho)
  • Restorative Meditations
  • Sound Healing Stargate Activations
  • Connecting with the Elements through the Chakras
  • Movement – Dance & Stretching
  • Breath Work     


Búo Orlando Zuniga

Búo Orlando Zuniga

Shamanic Integrative Therapist

My personal healing journey began early in life with many questions about my upbringing between Mexico and the U.S., living with two cultures, two languages, two different worlds really.  I didn’t resonate fully with any of the cultures and began to explore my own values and practices.  It was clear to me that I was different from everyone in my family, my community and even my species at times.  I felt alien early in life, resulting in issues that overwhelmed me and allowed my shadow self to emerge fully in my 20s.  After one of the most significant dark nights of my soul, I came back to my light self in my 30s.  Tools that helped me grow and heal include prayer, mediation, dream analysis, tarot, astrology, numerology, music, breathwork, energy healing, psychotherapies, psychedelics to name a few.  Having found a community of other magical beings, I began to feel resonance and support for an ever-evolving transformational self that continues to unfold.

When the illuminated-self began to emerge from the shadows, I returned to my original intent of psychology and spirituality, where I have been practicing spiritual psychotherapy for more than a decade now.  My personal spiritual journey continues to merge with a holistic health practice and has evolved into an artistic and grounded support for myself and my community.  I have learned and continue to learn from multiple medical doctors, medicine people, shaman, mystics, spiritual teachers, and holistic health professionals, integrating these teachings into my overall practice personally and professionally.  I continue to learn that we are pure consciousness experiencing form, where we vacillate between formlessness and form.

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In service,


Orlando Zuniga, LMFT

Aurora Luna Star

Aurora Luna Star

Soul Vibrational Alchemist

My personal journey began 15 years ago with Reiki, when I realized that my soul was inhabiting this amazing vehicle called a body. As I delved deeper into various spiritual teachings, I discovered the importance of resonance, alignment and authenticity.

Before my awakening, I was living out of resonance and alignment, and far from being authentic to myself. I was a people pleaser, always playing the victim, and giving away my power. I relied on drinking and smoking to self-medicate and was often feeling depressed.

However, my spiritual journey has led me to understand the value of resonance, alignment and authenticity. Resonance happens when we feel harmonious with everything in life. Alignment occurs when we see the world reflecting back the energy of thought and emotion that we are emenating. And being authentic means standing in our personal power without having to change anything or anyone around us. The most important lesson I continue to  learn is that vulnerability is potent medicine for the soul’s expansion and growth. 

I’m thrilled to share this retreat with you and excited to witness the magic of Tulum together!

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