Soul Retrieval Retreat
Glastonbury, UK, May 2023

Do you feel a strong soul connection to Avalon and working with potions and magick? Do you remember walking with King Arthur Pendragon, Excalibur and being a Knight of the Round Table?  Do you feel a strong connection to Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen and Archangel Michael?  Do you remember being with Dragons and Unicorns? We have such close feelings to the presence of these times, places and souls because we walked in the mystery of their path. We have had so many lifetimes of gathering together in their presence, in their teachings and in their lineages.

I have been shown many lifetimes within the Kingdoms of Gaia and the Earth plane through my visits to the United Kingdom. It feels like coming home every time because each visit helps me retrieve another piece to the puzzle of my Soul’s experiences. This 5-day retreat will offer you exactly that.  Glastonbury is the Heart Chakra of our planet, and much like Sedona or Mt. Shasta, has an extremely potent energy frequency to enhance our activation experiences.

Part of my gift as a channel is bringing through these powerful experiences so that as you continue your soul journey, you do so with greater confidence and feelings of purpose. I am so truly excited to bring soul family together for what promises to be a most amazing experience!


  • Sacred Sites Within & Around Glastonbury
  • Meditations/ Activations
  • Akashic Soul Retrieval
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Three Half Days at The Chalice Well
  • Sunrise Stonehenge Experience/ Avebury Day Trip
  • Bath Day Trip

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