Lion’s Gate – Andromeda Transmission


Monday, August 8th Recording

The Lion’s Gate is a powerful portal of frequency that we receive through the galactic gateway in the sign of Leo on 8/8.  There is numerological, astrological and energetic significance to this gateway in our evolution towards heart-based consciousness and shifting into the higher and more authentic aspects of our being.

Gateways offer unique opportunities for focused intentions to manifest into being and allow for co-creation amongst soul family to amplify these intentions for the individual and the collective.  When we come together with the purpose of raising our vibration, bringing love to aspects of our shadow and seeing the wholeness of the God/ Goddess within – our true Divine nature, we hold space for humanity to raise into the collective cup of our true interconnectedness and purpose of incarnating into this time and space.

Andromeda is our neighboring galaxy that is spiraling towards us, with an eventual collision to unfold in the next 4 billion years. Before that collision (way before lol), the Collective of  our Star Family from this region would like to share their loving presence with us. This will be a high energy and vibrational event.