Galactic Gathering May – July 2024


Join us for a 12-week gathering every Saturday morning starting on May 4th at 10am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern where we will connect and with different Star Councils and Beings for guidance, activations and energy upgrades. Attendance is not required and all meetings will be recorded.

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What People Are Saying:

“I signed up for Galactic Gathering mostly as a way to thank Aurora for her wonderful free offerings. It ended up being so much more than that! I loved it and gained something valuable from every single session. The gatherings were all so different and perfectly aligned my own supersonic soul mission. So valuable!”  Debbie P.
“Aurora has been a bright and beautiful light in my life for almost two years now.  She embodies wisdom and authenticity, and works from a loving, compassionate, and grounded place which I could easily connect to and grow from. Her channelings from so many different light beings have been profound and life-changing.  Thank you Aurora!”  Erika K.