Sunday, May 15th
5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern
Exchange: $33

May is the month of the Divine Mothers. We are healing the old wounding around feeling loved, feeling enough, and being held by the Mother energy.

The Ascended collective have offered me a magical opportunity to channel messages of love and light through meditation and channeled messages. A question and answer forum will be available after the meditation.

It is my honor to offer you this beautiful transmission and share with you the frequencies of unconditional love codes in this light-filled activation!


Sunday, May 22nd
10am – 2pm Pacific/ 1pm – 5pm Eastern
Exchange: $88

Our Souls hold the codes for much information beyond the comprehension of the mind. In fact, the mind can often get in the way of our spiritual growth because of our need to control our environments. We believe that when we can identify, define and judge something, we are safe because the mind can wrap around what we are experiencing.

One of the gifts that Light Language offers us is a way to circumvent the mind with frequency (sound), geometry (light) and vibration (the combination of sound and light emanating from the heart). Using these ancient codes of heart-intelligence we are able to activate our own light bodies into deeper memories of Source-Self and connect with the Divine aspects of our true nature. As we activate, we have the opportunity to dive deeper into our purpose and see the magnificence of our gifts.

In this class we will explore the different modalities of Light Language and how to connect with your codes and how you can experience weaving their magic into your life and healing work. It is my joy and honor to take this journey with you into the dynamic nature of your beingness. I am only here to facilitate as you bring to the surface your soul memory to awaken!


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