Mt. Shasta, California

August 7, 8 & 9


8-8 Lion’s gate

Join us for the Earthkeepers Retreat at Mt. Shasta, California on August 7, 8, 9. Experience the power of the Lion’s Gate, a potent portal of frequency that we receive through the galactic gateway of Sirius. In numerology, 2024 is an 8 year, making this gateway even more amplified.

During this retreat, we will explore the numerological, astrological, and energetic significance of this time in our evolution towards heart-based consciousness. Through focused intentions and co-creation with our soul family, we will intensify our intentions for both the individual and the collective.

Join us in raising our vibration, embracing our shadow aspects, and connecting with the wholeness of the God/Goddess within. Together, we will hold space for humanity to rise into the collective cup of our true interconnectedness and purpose in this time and space.

Choose an added bonus day and treat yourself to a VIP experience of making a 16″ Buffalo drum! You can choose to come a day early and make your drum on Tuesday, 8/6 or stay a day later and make your drum on Saturday, 8/10.  Only 10 spaces are available for each VIP day and you must be a retreat attendee to be able to add on the drum making experience.

Retreat Highlights:

  • Make Your Very Own Ceremonial Rattle – create with intention and use your sacred object in ceremony
  • Ancient Anointing Ceremony – connect your soul, body, and Gaia
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Healing – experience transformative meditations and activations
  • Astrological Significance of the 8-8-8 Gateway and the 8 year
  • Sacred Land Ceremony (Despacho)
  • Water Ceremony at the Mt. Shasta Headwaters
  • Activate Your Connection to Telos and the Inner City of Mt. Shasta
  • Time on the Mountain in Powerful Portals for the 8-8-8 Gateway
  • Sacred Connection to Soul Family

$650 – includes making your rattle, all activities and permits 

travel, lodging and food not included

VIP Experience:

$333 – Make Your Own 16″ Buffalo Drum – Limited Seating – Must pay in full to reserve your day.






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